BATES FUNDAMENTALS is the premier basketball training and fundamental training organization. We offer sessions that can be tailored to each individual players skill and intensity level. We identify his or her greatest strengths, weaknesses, and strategize on improving them. BATES FUNDAMENTALS will focus on all of the basic basketball fundamentals from shooting, passing, ball handling, rebounding, offensive and defensive moves. BATES FUNDAMENTALS will develop and fine-tune the basketball acumen and skills of each participant by providing knowledge and experience along the way from EJ and his team of world traveled and experienced coaches, trainers, and basketball professionals. They have learned from great coaches, played for great teams and have gained great international knowledge and experiences from all over the world!

If your desire is to improve and become the best prepared, fundamentally sound, focused, resourceful and elite player that you can be…then BATES FUNDAMENTALS is the “ONLY” choice!

"Repetition and game speed drills are necessary for improvement and to move to the next level, whatever your next level is!"

What We Teach
  • Advanced Shooting Drills
  • Ball Handling Techniques
  • Proven 1-1 Drills
  • Footwork Optimization
  • Position and Rebounding
  • Repetition + Technique
  • And Much More…

Bates Fundamentals focuses on the type of workouts that can promote you from just being good in practice to elevating your game time performance.

  • – AAU
  • – HIGH
  • – MIDDLE

Bates Fundamentals will instill the attitude and work ethic that will help you train harder and with more intensity than any other player. We teach that training does not stop when your body gives up, but only when your mind gives up!

Training Sessions


1 Session $50/hour
5 Sessions $225 ($45/hour)
10 Sessions $450 ($45/hour)
* No refund for missed sessions

Groups (Minimum 5 players)

1 Session $50/hour per player
5 Sessions $200/$40 hour per player
10 Sessions $400/$40 hour per player
* No refund for missed sessions
What We Do?

“We teach players the fundamentals and basics of basketball…we show them the true definition of “HARD WORK”! We guarantee that if a player follows our program, they will gain elite skills, raise their level of intensity, and a work ethic that is second to none!”


Bates Fundamentals will motivate you to work + train harder than ever...and to be the best YOU can be!


BBates Fundamentals will educate you on the basic fundamentals and nuances of the game of basketball.


Bates Fundamentals intensive repetition drills and training systems will elevate your game + confidence to the next level.

Bates Fundamentals teaches ELITE, NEXT LEVEL basketball skills. We focus on fundamentals development and high intensity training. We also offer strength, stamina, and mental focus training for teams or individuals. If you are looking to elevate your game, then Bates Fundamentals is the “SMART CHOICE”!
Bates Fundamentals customizes individual basketball workouts for each client(s) based upon his or her skill set, mental focus, and intensity level. We believe every drill requires maximum effort! We base our drills and focus on game speed and apply those teachings to game situations. We believe players do not move to the next level until each player is prepared and have the confidence to do so. Our system is very challenging, however, upon completion these elite skills and fundamentals will become second nature when it’s time to perform. Bates Fundamentals believes “Repetition and game speed drills are necessary for improvement and to move to the next level, whatever your next level is!”

Owning the Court Starts with Fundamentals and Elite Training! “EJ is one of the best trainers that I’ve ever seen, with his combination of knowledge and passion for the game!”

Basketball Bio

Elgin “E.J.” Bates

President/CEO of Bates Fundamentals

I love the game of basketball and have made it my mission to teach the youth and ELITE, NEXT LEVEL players the fundamentals and skills to elevate their confidence, stamina, and game to the next level. My professional career spanned over 5 years in Europe. I have an extensive amateur career as well, I have played division 2, high school, middle school basketball. I excel at coaching, teaching, and training young players and helping them realize their potential.

Please check my credentials below:

College: Kentucky Wesleyan
Experience: -> 5 Years Pro Experience

-> Germany 3 years
-> Switzerland 2 years
-> Played abroad 1 year with Larry Johnson”s Outlawz (Magic Johnsons older brother)
-> Team Captain 2006 – 2007